The 18 Skaters League


League Type: Weekly Head-To-Head Points League (Single Season)

League Scoring: Goals Only

League Size: 14 Teams

Roster Size: 18 Skaters (No Goalies | No Bench)

Draft: Slow | Snake

Playoffs: Top 6 Teams After Regular Season

Entry Fee: $50 (USD)

Total Prizes: $700 (USD) (Awarded To Playoff Teams - Details Below)

Platform: Fantrax


This is a new and unique league. Thank you for participating in it, and thank you for trusting me to administer it. I will do my best to make it a fun experience for everyone.

Supremacy Of These League Rules

The settings in Fantrax should generally be consistent with the league rules set out below. In the event of a conflict, these league rules take priority over the settings in Fantrax. To the extent possible I will resolve any conflict in the manner that is most consistent with these league rules.

If you notice something in Fantrax that is inconsistent with these league rules please bring it to my attention.

Changes To The League Rules

I do not intend to make changes to the league rules during the season. However, this is a new league and it’s possible there will be unforeseen issues that arise. It’s also possible there will be unplanned changes to the NHL schedule or other events that force changes to be made to the league rules. Any changes to the league rules will be made by me solely for the purpose of making the league function according to the spirit of these league rules

League Draft

Draft Start Date: September 25, 2023

Draft Start Time: 7:00 PM (EDT)

Draft Type: Slow | Snake

Pick Time: 6 Hours

Draft Sleep Time: 11:00 PM - 8:00 AM (EDT)

Draft Order: Random (generated on Fantasy Nerds)

Note: Teams will automatically be set to auto-pick if the timer runs out


The idea here is that each team will have 18 skaters with position eligibility that matches a typical NHL roster. Skaters will be eligible for only their primary position, as determined by Fantrax. 

Roster Size: 18 Skaters (No Goalies)

Positions (Max): 4 LW | 4 C | 4 RW | 6 D

Bench: None

Injured Reserve: 10

Notes: 1) IR violations will cause transactions to lock after 2 lineup periods; and 2) skaters who are suspended may be placed on IR to the extent permitted by Fantrax.


This is a points league that counts only goals. You win your match if your team scores more goals than your opponent’s team during the scoring period.

Stat corrections will be handled according to the default settings in Fantrax.

Lineups | Transactions

This league should not require a lot of activity on a day-to-day basis. There is no bench, and there are limited (2) claims per week. You are free to use the claims to do a little “streaming” but you’ll run the risk that you won’t be able to replace an injured skater.

Lineup Type: Daily

Lineup Lock Time: 5 minutes before each player's game of the day

Max Claims Per Week: 2

Free Agent Claim System: Free For All

Waiver Claim System: Bidding ($100 Budget | Minimum $1)

Waivers Processed: Every Monday (3:00 AM ET)

Waiver Tie-Breaker: Random

Trading: Not Allowed


The regular season will consist of 19 weekly scoring periods. The weeks at the start of the season and around the All-Star period will be merged into a single scoring period.

The playoffs will last 3 rounds, and the scoring period for each playoff round will be 2 weeks.

Regular Season Start: October 10, 2023

Regular Season End: March 3, 2024

Playoffs Start: March 4, 2024

Playoffs End: April 14, 2024


The top 6 teams after the regular season will make the playoffs, and the top 2 teams will receive a bye in Round 1.

Teams will be reseeded in each round of the playoffs.


Ties are permitted during regular season matches.

If a tie must be broken to qualify for the playoffs the following tie-breakers apply:

  1. Regular season record versus opponent.

  2. Total goals for the season.

  3. Random (determined by Fantrax).

If a tie must be broken during the playoffs the win will go to the higher seed.

Fees | Prizes

Entry fees must be paid to the Fantrax Treasurer upon joining the league. Failure to promptly pay the entry fee will result in removal from the league.

Prizes will be manually distributed by me (using Fantrax Treasurer) after the playoffs are complete.

The prize structure is as follows ($USD):

  1. 1st Place: $350

  2. 2nd Place: $150

  3. 3rd | 4th Place: $75 (exit playoffs in Round 2)

  4. 5th | 6th Place: $25 (exit playoffs in Round 1)

A copy of these league rules is posted at

LAST EDITED: 2023-11-01