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The NHL has a publicly accessible Application Programming Interface (or API) that allows users to obtain a lot of useful data (including detailed play-by-play data). There are a couple of obstacles though: 1) the NHL API does not come with a user manual; and 2) the NHL API is most easily accessed using a programming language such as R or Python. To help you overcome those obstacles I’m writing articles that provide the code (in the R programming language) for functions that pull data from the NHL API.

In this article I provide a function that pulls detailed roster data for each NHL team.

The Data

Before I provide the code, here’s the data it pulls:

player_id: 8478402

player: Connor McDavid

team_id: 22

team: Edmonton Oilers

position: C

age: 26

dob: 1997-01-13

nationality: CAN

height: 6’ 1”

weight: 193

shoots_catches: L

number: 97

The Code

Here’s the code for the function that pulls the above data.

get_team_rosters <- function() {
        # Create a vector of team_ids
        teams_site <- read_json("https://statsapi.web.nhl.com/api/v1/teams")
        teams <- teams_site$teams %>% 
                tibble() %>% 
                unnest_wider(1) %>% 
                select(team_id = id, full_team_name = name, team_abbr = abbreviation)
        team_ids <- teams$team_id
        # Loop through each team's API endpoint and collect expanded roster data
        temp_list <- list()
        for (i in team_ids) {
                roster_url <- paste0("https://statsapi.web.nhl.com/api/v1/teams/", i, "/roster?expand=roster.person")
                roster_site <- read_json(roster_url)
                roster_data <- roster_site$roster %>%
                        tibble() %>%
                        unnest_wider(1) %>%
                        unnest_wider(1) %>%
                        unnest_wider(currentTeam, names_sep = "_") %>%
                        unnest_wider(primaryPosition, names_sep = "_") %>%
                        unnest_wider(position, names_sep = "_")
                roster_data <- select(roster_data, 
                                 player_id = id,
                                 player = fullName,
                                 team_id = currentTeam_id,
                                 team = currentTeam_name,
                                 position = position_abbreviation,
                                 age = currentAge,
                                 dob = birthDate,
                                 shoots_catches = shootsCatches,
                                 number = jerseyNumber
                roster_data$dob <- as_date(roster_data$dob)
                temp_list[[i]] <- roster_data
        rosters <- bind_rows(temp_list) 

Get It On GitHub

I’ve created a public repository on GitHub where I’ll be sharing my functions for accessing the NHL’s API. You can go to the repository by clicking here.

The End Of The Article

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